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What if the enemies we mindlessly stomp in video games had feelings? What if we could talk to them? Monica finds a magic cloak that allows her to do just that, and sets out on a journey!

Arrow keys to move
Space to jump
Z to talk to other monsters (while in monster form!)
X to shapeshift into a monster

This is a game I made for Ludum Dare 35! This is also the first game I've really ever made! It's really short and I had to cut a lot of the content I wanted to add in, but I'll be making a post compo version over the summer so my full vision can be realized! I wasn't able to properly animate everything like I wanted to, nor does it have nearly as many levels as I hoped. It's not all bad though! I learned more about GameMaker in these 48 hours than I have in the six months previous!

Part of my inspiration for this game was UNDERTALE, by Toby Fox. Thank you for making such an amazing game!

Install instructions

Extract from zip file and then click on the icon to play!


MonicaGame.zip 2 MB
GameMaker Source 376 kB

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